Infant Bathing Techniques, Part 1: Newborns & the Best First Bath

Mamas, guess how long I waited to bathe Molly. Long enough that my mom and husband and friends started giving me flack. Almost 3 weeks. I wonder, though: how unusual is that, actually? Or is it pretty common? In the grand scheme of things, does timing matter or is the baby/parent experience more important? These are … Continue reading Infant Bathing Techniques, Part 1: Newborns & the Best First Bath

Think Like a Boat Mom: Boundaries

Updated: August 7, 2017 This weekend, Molly and I visited the Seattle Boat Show. Boat Dad Trevor was there both weekends with his sponsor, Centurion. To translate our lives: "Trevor is loving life, sitting in boats with friends who love boats, sharing all he knows and loves about boats with other boat lovers." 😉 He is admirable in … Continue reading Think Like a Boat Mom: Boundaries

The Swim App by American Red Cross

I’m pretty pumped about the American Red Cross’s “Swim” app. It’s available to download for FREE on the App Store, and provides parents with a checklist for tracking swimming progress starting at the preschool level. (I can happily report I’ve already geeked out... I set up a profile for Molly and checked off “blowing bubbles.” … Continue reading The Swim App by American Red Cross

Getting Started Bathing Your Newborn

In this post, I talk about: Three types of baths Getting started with bath time routines with a newborn Short list of simple bath time supplies Types of Baths The newborn bathing advice I received as a new mom was to give sponge baths. Did you know there are more options, though? In my hunt … Continue reading Getting Started Bathing Your Newborn

Baby Swim Experience

To get to where we are today, I approached Molly’s experiences with the water wearing a few hats, so to speak: my parent hat, my teacher hat, and my swimmer hat. Teachers use lots of methods for instruction. Modeling for her, helping her do things with us, letting her explore by herself... these teaching strategies … Continue reading Baby Swim Experience