The Swim App by American Red Cross

I’m pretty pumped about the American Red Cross’s “Swim” app. It’s available to download for FREE on the App Store, and provides parents with a checklist for tracking swimming progress starting at the preschool level. (I can happily report I’ve already geeked out… I set up a profile for Molly and checked off “blowing bubbles.” Yes, it’s a bit premature; she just turned one.) The app also includes these features (

  • Progress tracker for goals achieved in swimming lessons
  • Stroke videos and performance charts to help with proper techniques
  • “Help your children” activities that reinforce what is covered in lessons
  • Water safety information for parents on a variety of aquatic environments

The early years – 0 to 3 – are mainly about developing a sense of security and comfort in the water in order to prepare children for learning to swim. The app does not provide a checklist for what this means, although it is a great tool for looking at what instructors expect at each stage and tracking what your preschool-aged (or older) child can do. As with any report card, skills may be more complicated than they appear on paper, so it is best to have a trained instructor clarify the expectations for you and your child. At the very least, you can preview the direction we’re headed!

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