Instructional Approach
Connection. Play. Simplicity. Nature.

These are elements neuroscientists say help babies and young children thrive.

Babies are born learners. Curiosity and exploration are natural side-effects of attentive, responsive parenting, which is why you are embracing the urgency you feel around how much they need your protection in and around water.

Water safety instruction for infants and young children includes modeling, coaching, and practice through play and songs while parents learn the why’s and how’s.

Foundations come first: floating, breath control, and movement, with instruction for parents and children on safety and survival practices.

Application for our in-person swim program is open to all ages, and group classes are organized by age and ability. Class size is limited to 4 students. As swimmers progress into strokes classes, the focus shifts to stamina, stroke refinement, and rescue practices.

“Jenny’s patient and thoughtful approach to introducing little babies in to the world of water feels truly rooted in helping them develop their own sense of confidence-it’s more than just skills but fostering a lifelong love of aquatics”

Overcoming Blocks
“When is it time to push?” “When will you take him underwater?”

Eager parents ask me a form of this question from time to time.

As soon as we become new mothers, aren’t we accustomed to “training” our babies to become something other than what they are? Yet, biologically, humans are magnificently wired to naturally develop alongside their mothers. So as your child receives gentle encouragement and guidance, my answer is this, “I don’t! Your child will demonstrate when they’re ready.”

Why teach this way?

Pushing conjures images of dominance, physical force, and immediacy. It can induce trauma or trigger traumatic sensation (memories “without a story” on a cellular level.)

Can you feel the pressure as your stress hormones activate? Maybe your heart beat faster from these words alone? Imagine the negative stress a baby would feel in the water where all things are amplified (even feelings.)

Babies need attentive, responsive parents to keep them safe in order to free up their drive to learn. Allowing sets the stage for self-confidence and trust to develop with the understanding that growth takes time.

Are you ready to support your baby’s natural, healthy inclination to explore the water?

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