Guiding questions can deepen parents’ awareness and understanding:

  • What can my child do in the water that contributes to propulsion or floating? What’s next, and what can I do to support her growth in that direction?
  • What is my child showing me she’s ready for or interested in doing?
  • What is she developmentally capable of?
  • Does [insert activity or instruction] model or promote safety in and around water?
  • Is this a positive approach or response?
  • Am I creating negative stress for either of us? (If so, how can I turn it around?)

Instructional Approach
My favorite approach to teaching is to let kids set the pace, which can honestly feel slow-going at times to us grownups, right?

I believe in play. I believe in simplicity. I believe in the great outdoors. I believe in teaching with empathy, including holding space for emotions and developmentally-appropriate learning opportunities (sometimes referred to as “mistakes” or “failed attempts.”) You will always know I’ve given a lot of thought and research to a topic I post or speak about because I’m thorough and I like knowledge grounded in data. 😉