Types of Newborn Bathing

Looking back on Molly’s days as a newborn, I feel like I went through stages of using one type of bath over another, depending on what was most convenient. It’s like I graduated from one to the next as she developed more abilities. The funny thing is that going into parenthood, I was only awareContinue reading “Types of Newborn Bathing”

When Should Babies Start Swimming Lessons?

Some college friends recently gave birth to their first baby (!), a beautiful girl. They follow Molly’s swimming shenanigans on our Facebook and Instagram feeds, and asked me for tips about instilling their baby with confidence in the water. Specifically, when should babies enroll in swimming lessons? (In case you haven’t read my post whereContinue reading “When Should Babies Start Swimming Lessons?”

Delayed Bathing of Newborn Babies

Delayed bathing is a standard practice in many hospitals, including the one where we delivered. The World Health Organization recommends delaying a newborn’s first bath for at least 24 hours after birth, unless medically or culturally necessary (source.)  A few of the beneficial reasons include immediate skin-to-skin contact, keeping mom and baby together, higher potentialContinue reading “Delayed Bathing of Newborn Babies”

Infant Bathing Techniques, Part 3: Put Water on Baby’s Face

A baby or toddler who is comfortable with water on her face has an additional tool to use to self-rescue when she inevitably loses her footing while playing in shallow water.

Infant Bathing Techniques, Part 2: Newborn & Infant Bath Safety

Hey guys, this post is the second in a series I’m writing about Infant Bathing Techniques to provide a little guidance in the world of infant bath times. As a new parent, I remember feeling a tad lost about the whole bath time gig with my newborn baby. A lot of who I became asContinue reading “Infant Bathing Techniques, Part 2: Newborn & Infant Bath Safety”

Infant Bathing Techniques, Part 1: Newborns & the Best First Bath

Mamas, guess how long I waited to bathe Molly. Long enough that my mom and husband and friends started giving me flack. Almost 3 weeks. I wonder, though: how unusual is that, actually? Or is it pretty common? In the grand scheme of things, does timing matter or is the baby/parent experience more important? These areContinue reading “Infant Bathing Techniques, Part 1: Newborns & the Best First Bath”

Getting Started Bathing Your Newborn

In this post, I talk about: Three types of baths Getting started with bath time routines with a newborn Short list of simple bath time supplies Types of Baths The newborn bathing advice I received as a new mom was to give sponge baths. Did you know there are more options, though? In my huntContinue reading “Getting Started Bathing Your Newborn”