AT HOME IN WATER: Bridge Bath Times & Swim Lessons

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At Home in Water: Babies 0 to 1 Year

I created the guide I wished for when I had my first baby, and I created it with new moms in mind… for exactly what I needed at this point in my motherhood journey: nurturing instruction that supports caregiver + baby attachment during bath time with an experienced swim instructor.

Bath times are one of those markers of childhood we want to get right. Why not introduce swim skills at the same time? On your schedule, not anyone else’s. In the comfort of home. Squeezing little arms into car seat straps? Nope. Running back inside for the swim diaper? Not here. Don’t even worry about forgetting a snack for yourself; there’s something in the kitchen (hopefully.) For now, you can let go of rushing out the door.

Instead, I keep it simple for you during these special early days so you can focus on recovering, bonding with your baby, experiencing the joys of the water together, and learning how to keep your little ones safer. It’s all inside.

Happiness in the water. Readiness to learn.
I will show you how to:

  • Make the most of your baby’s bath times & introduce them to the earliest foundations of swimming
  • Nurture swimming foundations within your baby, including how to respectfully teach submerging, floating, and movement at their developmental pace
  • Apply gentle methods for intrinsic learning in early childhood (for retention)
  • Safely handle your baby in the water & transfer those skills from bath to pool
  • Secure your bond with your baby throughout the process
  • Manage bath time
  • Support emotions & tears
  • Understand aquatic readiness for formal swimming lessons
  • What to look for when choosing a swim lesson program that’s a good fit for your family’s values
  • Step-by-step strategies for implementing an incident prevention plan to keep everyone safer near water

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