Hi, I’m Jenny!

Mama to 2
Teacher & Swim Instructor

Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here! I’m Jenny, a mom and educator + swim instructor focused on nurturing play-based swimming and water parenting. I have a masters degree in education, taught first and third grades, and have taught swimming lessons since 2001.

This Pool Mom thing is a reflection of my adulty roles (above) swirled together with the me who is also creative, a learner, a water lover, and a seeker of sunshine! It began as a “blog” in January 2016 when I decided to teach my newborn to swim at bath time, see how far it could take us, and write about our journey. And I love the way it continues to evolve!

Learning the ropes of parenthood is a steep learning curve for most of us! Defining and honoring what feels right is part of that adventure, and walking alongside new moms as they navigate the water with their babies has been one of the most rewarding parts for me. I’m so glad you found Pool Mom and hope my parenting, teaching, and learning experiences proved some insights to help you along the way, too.

Thank you for being here!
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